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Square Tablecloths by Econo, Elegant Tablecloths at an affordable price !
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Frequently Asked Questions
Answer to your questions about Econo Tablecloths

Do I have to buy 2 dozen tablecloths if I only need 19?

No. After you purchase the first dozen just divide the dozen price by 12 and that is what you will pay for each additional piece. Example: If the dozen price is $100.00 it would be $100.00 divided by 12 = $8.35 each additional piece.

Will I need to wash my new tablecloths before I use them?

No, it is not necessary. However, you may want to wash your new napkins, only because they are handled in a factory by several people.

Will I need to iron these tablecloths?

Our tablecloth fabric is wrinkle resistant. When washed properly you should not need to iron them. WASH in COLD or WARM WATER and DRY ON WARM HEAT. Also, do not crowd the tablecloths in washer and dryer.

Do I need to pre-spot my tablecloths before washing?

Most of our tablecloth customers tell us: You should not have to pre-spot your tablecloths. If you have something like grease or butter you may want to use some Dawn dishwashing liquid on those spots. Our tablecloth fabric is made with a stain release fiber.

I bought some tablecloths from a wholesale club and they were terrible. I tried ironing and spray starch and they still came out awful. I had to throw them away. Will I be able to reuse your tablecloths without a lot of work?

Yes. We sell to a lot of churches and caterers that do not have time to worry with washing and ironing their tablecloths.
Remember to use: Cold or Warm Water and Warm Heat. Also, do not leave them in the dryer.

Where are your tablecloths made?

We are one of the very few manufactures of tablecloths that are still MADE IN THE USA from tablecloth fabric made in the USA. We offer a quality made tablecloth at a very affordable price...
Most of the wholesale clubs, chain-stores and tablecloth retailers buy them as cheap as they can from foreign sources.

My table is 60" round. Will a 60" round tablecloth fit my table?

No. The tablecloth measures 60" across so you will need a larger size. A 70" tablecloth will give you a 5"drop, an 80" tablecloth will give you a 10" drop. We suggest a 90" tablecloth that will give you a 15" drop and can be used for formal or informal events.

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